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Nord-Est (North East) is a development region in Romania. The economy of Nord-Est region is mainly agricultural, especially towards the north, even though there are a number of industrial cities, especially Iasi, Bacau and Suceava. Botosani and Vaslui are sometimes regarded as the poorest counties in Romania, and more generally in the entire European Union. Despite this, Iasi, the largest city in Nord-Est is one of the wealthy cities of the region. Other largest cities are Botosani, Piatra Neamt, Roman, Vaslui and Barlad. The regions richest counties are, in order, Iasi, Bacau, Suceava, Neamt, Vaslui and Botosani. Nord-Est has a total population of 3,674,367, making it the most populated region in the country.

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